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Welcome to our specials for the rest of 2023!!

Please check date carefully and order by 6pm on Tuesday before delivery on Thursday or Friday

 (click here to check your area).

Please remember to include your delivery address, phone number and preferred day.

Collection is available from 34 Church Street, Castleton, between 5-7pm on Thursdays and Fridays

Pheasant Meal Kit            

serves 2/£14              

Local pheasant breast with red wine sauce supplied with dauphinoise potatoes and savoy cabbage with bacon  


Ready to pan fry/ bake

Beef Rogan Josh        

£4.25 ind/ 2ptn £8        

Tender Fryup beef in a richly spiced tomato based  curry sauce


Ready to heat                                     


Lamb Kofta Bake   

£4.50 or £8.50/ 2 ptn

Danby lamb meatballs with feta cheese & mint, with veggies, chick peas & lemon.

ready to bake.           


Vegetable Lasagne   

£4.25 ind/ 2ptn £7.25/ 4-6ptn £16

Roasted veggies layered with creamy cheese sauce & pasta, good to freeze.

Ready to bake        


Beetroot & Stilton Tart Tatin   

£4.25 ind

Roast Congrave Farm beetroot with caramelised red onions & Stilton and a butter puff pastry base.  

Ready to bake              


Fresh Soup: Cream of Celeriac £4/ 400ml   GF   


Greens                       £1.40/ 1ptn (120-150g)  

Cheesy Leek Gratin                       £3.50/ serves 2

Roasted Roots                                 £2.80/ 2 ptn

Stuffed Pot. with Bacon & Cheddar      £3.25

(1 as  main / 2 as side)

Something Sweet

Chocolate Beetroot Cake      £6/6”

Apple & Raspberry Strudel    £3.50/ 2ptn

Roast Beef Silverside                                               £5/200g              Special Offer:  Fryup Beef Topside Roasting Joint  £13/kg (good to freeze)

Specials for 30th November & 1st December 2023

Beef & Black Bean Stir Fry Meal Kit  

serves 2/£13            

 Strips of Fryup steak with prepared veggies, egg noodles & rich black bean sauce.

Ready to stir fry

Crusted Salmon 

£4.60 or £9/2 

Fresh salmon fillet topped with pea & horseradish


Ready to bake


Garlic Mushroom Chicken

£4.25 ind/ 2ptn £8        

Chicken breast fillet topped with creamy garlic mushrooms & mozzarella


Ready to heat


Sea Bream Niçoise   

£4.50 or £8.50/ 2 ptn

Fresh bream fillet with roasted tomatoes, baby potatoes, green beans & black olives.


ready to bake.          


Smoked Haddock & Leek Tart   



Mushroom Stroganoff

£4.25 ind/ 2ptn £8

Mushrooms and peppers in our creamy sauce with brandy & paprika.


Ready to heat  


Cauliflower & Red Lentil Korma 

£4 ind/ 2 ptn £7.80

with fragrant almond & coconut sauce

GF vegan

Ready to heat


Sweet Potato & Brie Filo Pie         

£4.25 ind

Roasted sweet potato with red onion, fresh sage & Brie wrapped in crisp filo pastry.  

Ready to bake                          


Fresh Soup: Chicken Broth £4/ 400ml   GF   

Chocolate Brownies   2for£3/4for£5 

Plain/ Hazelnut/Cranberry & Orange

FRESH FISH THIS WEEK! Please order what you’d like! 


All this week’s prepared food fresh & good to freeze, these are our last specials until 11th Jan.’24            

Specials for 7th & 8th December  2023

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