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Christmas Dinner

Christmas Menu 2023

Food Order Deadline:


Please order as early as possible as some items are limited

Meat & Poultry

Roasted Turkey

White broad breasted birds, raised in Goldsborough by Alwyn Marsay, traditionally brined and ready to roast.

10-12 lb (serves 8-10, 4.5-5.5kg) approx £60 (£13/kg)
12-14 lb (serves 10-12, 5.5-6.5kg) approx £75 (£12.50/kg)
14-16 lb (serves 12-16, 6.5-7.5kg) approx £90 (£12.50/kg)



Poultry Breast

Goldsborough Turkey breast filled with pork, sage & onion stuffing and wrapped in streaky bacon, oven ready.

(Cut to size:1kg serves 4-6)                      £25.00/kg


Image by Robert Horobin

Local Pheasant

Pheasant Paupiette                       £4.50 each or 4 for £16

Local pheasant breast from Danby or Westerdale filled with pork, apricot & sage stuffing and wrapped in our own smoked streaky bacon, ready to bake.  Supplied with red wine & mushroom sauce.


Image by Sebastian Coman Photography

Castleton Pork Loin

Rolled boneless pork loin filled with black pudding, apple & red onion stuffing, scored & ready to roast.

To serve 2 (500g) £12

To serve 4 (1kg)£20

To serve 6 (1.5kg) £27


Can't see what you'd like?  
If you're after a nice goose, a turkey crown or any other meat or poultry preparation, please just ask, we can probably source it for you.

Fryup Beef

This beef Shorthorn x Limosin is bred and traditionally raised by Paul Harrison at Slidney Beck Farm in Fryup. 


Beef Wellington

Tender fillet surrounded with mushroom duxelles with brandy, wrapped in buttery puff pastry and supplied with classic Madeira sauce.


To serve 2 £35 

To serve 4 £55

To serve 6 £80


Steak Chasseur

Aged sirloin steak, ready to fry or grill with rich red wine, tomato & mushroom sauce.

Gluten Free.


To serve 1 £10

To serve 2 £18

To serve 4 £35

Roasting Joints
Cut to size for you
Sirloin of Fryup Beef on the Bone 

(2-2.5kg, serves 4) £30/kg  

Glazed Sirloin of Fryup Beef      
To serve 2 (400g) £15/  To serve 4 (800g) £27 / To serve 6 (1.2kg) £40

Boneless rolled beef sirloin with a grain mustard crust, ready to roast.  Supplied with red wine gravy.

Fore Rib of Fryup Beef              
(5-6kg, will serve 10-12)               £22/kg

The ultimate roasting joint, dry aged on the bone.  Just ask if you’re unsure of what size to order.

Topside Joint
(1kg serves 4-6)             £14/kg

Perfect, easy carve roast, excellent served cold too.

Garnish & Gravy

Pigs in Blankets,   Pack of 12 (approx. 500g)   £6

Pork & leek or pork & black pudding  sausage meat wrapped with our smoky bacon.

Stuffing Balls,  Pack of 6 (approx. 250g)         

Pork & Spiced Apple           £4.75     

Sage & Onion (meat free)     £3.75

Pint of Proper Gravy                                                           £4

Poultry, roasted onion or Beef with wine freshly made with real bone stock.

Gluten Free also available

Dinner   Wrapped   Up

Our stuffed turkey breast joint,  Real Gravy, Pigs in Blankets, Goosefat Roasted Potatoes, Braised Red Cabbage,

Sprouts with Bacon & Sage Crumbs, Glazed Carrots & Parsnips &

Cauliflower Cheese

For 1, £18 / For 2, £35 / For 3, £50 / For 4, £65 / For 5, £80 / For 6, £95 

Meat Free

Prepared Vegetables

Brussels Sprouts

Our freshly prepared vegetable side dishes are ready to heat/cook and generously serve 2 people.

Frozen Ready Meals

Great to have on stand by, just thaw & bake!

Choose from: 9” square, 2” deep, to serve 4-6 or 4x6” to serve 2


Pies,  Made with Shortcrust Pastry (top crust only)                                                                                                   2 ptn           4-6 ptn       Local steak & Mushroom, slow cooked with ale                                                                                    £8.50        £19

Chicken & creamy leek                                                                                                                           £8              £18

Venison with Bacon & Black Pudding                                                                                                    £9              £21

Sweet Potato with Brie & sage (v)                                                                                                       £7.50          £16

Smokey Butterbean with roast peppers & tomatoes – with filo pastry top crust (naturally vegan)                 £7.50         £16

Classic Fish Pie, hake, smoked haddock & salmon in creamy white wine sauce topped with mashed potato                £9             £24


Casseroles + Bakes

Beef Stroganoff, strips of steak in our creamy pepper & mushroom sauce  Naturally gluten free        £8.50        £25

Beef Lasagne                                                                                                                                            £8             £19

Walnut Salmon (2 or 6) salmon fillet topped with walnut & rosemary crust.  Naturally gluten free      £9.50      £28

Chicken Parcels  (2 or 6) Chicken breast filled with mushroom & Brie wrapped in bacon Naturally gluten free      £8.50       £25

Vegetable Lasagne (v)                                                                                                                             £8              £19

Squash, Spinach & Stilton Lasagne (v)                                                                                                 £8.50        £19

Cauliflower & Lentil Korma (vegan)  Naturally gluten free                                                                        £8             £18

Cold Cuts & Deli


Roast Beef

Fryup beef roasted with black pepper.

200g/ £5

Image by Karo Kujanpaa

Roast Ham

Roast English Ham

Sliced 250g/ £5

Mini joint, approx 1kg/ £18


Ben's Pastrami

Home cured & smoked Fryup Beef brisket

200g/ £5

Freshly Made Pates

Supplied in a glass jar

Small c250ml/ £5        Large c500ml/ £10

Chicken Liver with Brandy & Orange

Course Pork & Smoked Duck

Ham Hock Terrine

Dips & Salads

Fresh Houmus                               £2.50 /200g

Black Olive Tapenade                     £3.20/200g

Baba Ghanoush                              £2.70/200g

roast aubergine with garlic & preserved lemons 

Smoky Tomato Salsa                       £2.25/200g

Sour Cream with Roasted Garlic & Chives                                                                 £2.25/200g


Coleslaw                                           £2/ 400g

Celeriac Remoulade                       £2.50/400g                     

Mezze Dips

Pies & Pastry

pork pie.jpg

1lb Pies

Handmade with traditional hot water pastry, very old tins and Free Range Pork.  Ready to eat.

  • Classic Pork         

  • Leek & Stilton with Port

  • Mixed Game    

  • Venison, Bacon & Cranberry

-£8 each-

Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls

Made with buttery puff pastry & free range pork. 

Ready to bake.     

  •  Pork

  •  Pork, Black Pud & Mustard 

  •  Smoked Cheddar, Onion & Thyme

-9x2" £4.50-


Image by Diliara Garifullina


Ready to eat/ warm 8” (6-8 slices) 

  • Caramelised Onion & Mature Cheddar

  •    Leek with Smoked Bacon & Brie

  •   Mushroom & Stilton

  -£7.50 each-


Savoury Galettes
Ready to bake on a 9" square puff pastry base, serves 4-6, £9

  • Tomato with basil, mozzarella & pinenuts

  • Fennel, red onion, Stilton & walnut

  • Roasted roots with goats’ cheese

Sweet Things

Boxes & Bundles

Veg (stall) (2).jpg

Christmas Vegetable Box

Old Potatoes                Onion  Carrot                        Parsnips Cauliflower               Broccoli  Red Cabbage             Sprouts         Fresh Herb Bunch       
 Fresh Cranberries 

For 2-4 £12   For 4-6 £18

Homegrown lettuce (2).jpg

Salad Box



Little Gem Lettuce              

Spring Onions          

Mixed Leaves           




Citrus Box





Ruby Grapefruit


A Kilo of Cheese

Smoked Cheddar                   

Blue Stilton                              

French Brie

Celery    &    Grapes

Full English_edited.jpg

Breakfast Box  

2 Rashers Smoked Bacon     

Black Pudding

Free Range Pork Sausage        2 Free Range Eggs       

Tomato & Mushrooms

For 2 £10          For 4 £18                 For 6 £26

Luxe Fruit Box_edited.jpg

Mixed Fruit Boxes

£10, £15 or £20

Our seasonal fruit boxes also make great gifts, with festive wrapping & ribbon, a message and local delivery for just £3

We will have all the seasonal treats:  pomegranates; whole nuts; fresh cranberries; chestnuts; dates etc as well as dry fruit and nuts.

 Just add them to your order!

Fridge Essentials

Don't forget your basics!

Durham Butter Roll(250g)                                  £3

Unsalted butter (250g)                                     £2.75

Mature Cheddar (500g)                                    £10/kg

Free Range Eggs                                              £1.70/ 6

Dry cure smoked bacon (8 rashers c300g)      £12/kg

Dry cure bacon (8 rashers c300g)                    £12/kg

Streaky Bacon smoked or green                       £12/500g

Pork Sausage Meat (free range)                        £4 /500g


Christmas Pine Tree
Trinkets on Tree

Delivery & Collection Dates

Prepared food is available on the dates shown in red,  Fruit, Veg & provisions are available every day.

Thursday 21st        Delivering Fruit & Veg only   

Friday 22nd            Delivering Afternoon & Evening